Relaxed life without emigrating – Make your life simple now

Would you sometimes prefer to exchange our busy modern society for a quieter life abroad? Discover how to get the benefits of emigrating without emigrating.

Life is simple when you travel

Once you leave your home, you simplify your life. When you travel you have fewer obligations, less social pressure, less stuff, less routine and fewer goals. You follow the news less, you watch less TV, you break free from society, from the hypes, from the everyday grind.

Away from home the world is simpler, calmer. More time for yourself, more special impressions and probably a nicer environment and more nature.

Many people fall in love with this idea. To the peace and tranquility that this simple life offers them. Logical, because as soon as you come home from a nice holiday you quickly discover how strong the contrast is. You suddenly discover how complex your modern life is, and you realize that simplicity and calmness is actually much nicer.

Simplify your life now

You would like to experience more of this kind of calm. But you have the idea that this feeling can only arise when you are away from home. Or, in fact, that you have to emigrate to experience this feeling more often. Away from the traffic jams, away from the TV, away from this society that causes you so much stress.

That could be right. But it could also be that the problem is not so much society, but the way you deal with it. That you haven’t found a way to deal with all the stimuli yet. You are not lucky enough to find calm in this society.

Do you want your life to feel more like a vacation? Then use the tips below to make your life simpler now. You can come a long way once you learn how to live relaxed while you are at home.

1. Simplify your life instantly

Unnecessary things make your life unnecessarily complicated. Redundancy causes your work, stress and costs you money and energy. When you’re on vacation, you usually only focus on the things that are essential, and that feels great.

You travel with the gear you need. You spend your time in ways that make you happy, with the people who mean the most to you.

And that while your house is full of things that are not needed. And your agenda is overflowing with appointments that you might as well delete. And all those superfluous things distract you from the things that are really important to you, that are essential to your happiness.

So? So it’s time to find out what’s essential to you. Time to throw the old stuff out of your life . The piles of unread books, the boxes full of frills that you never use, the old clothes, the unnecessary tablecloths, the double crockery and so on. Time to make your life simple, just like on vacation. To live with only those things that help you be happy, and nothing more.

2. Worry less

The world keeps on turning, even if you don’t care. When you have let yourself be carried away by the daily grind, you get the idea that you are ‘needed’ for all kinds of things.

But you are not.

Don’t take life so seriously. Laugh more often at the things that happen to you and the mistakes you make. See the humor in it. Worry less about little things. Most things are definitely not worth getting worked up about. So don’t do that either.

You make conscious choices several times a day about how you react to different situations. Choose more often for a gentle and loving response. Worry less about little things. And realize that almost all things are “little things.” Breath in breath out. The world keeps spinning. Nothing wrong.

3. Take moments of mindfulness

When you are on vacation, you enjoy the moment more intensely. This is mainly because you are more often exposed to new environments and unfamiliar situations. This requires your full awareness to get through the situation properly.

But at home it’s a different story. At home there is little news, little unknown. And before you know it, you’re living on semi-automatic pilot. You no longer live in the moment, because you have already experienced it all once. You live in your head, because there are always new thoughts passing by.

But living in your head is stressful. And living in the here and now has a healing effect on body and mind. It helps you be happier, more relaxed and more loving.

So do your best to live in the moment more often . Breathe in and out consciously a few times, and appreciate the world around you. Even if you already know this world.

4. Think and work ahead

If you want to enjoy a freer and simpler life every day, as you experience on vacation, it is important that you think ahead and work ahead. Because when you know that you have your life in order, it is much easier to let go and really relax.

So take the time to plan. Can you already prepare for next week’s meeting by reading up? Can you buy three birthday gifts at once in the city? Can you go into the weekend with an empty mailbox?

I’ve read that for every ten minutes you spend planning, you save half an hour in execution. Planning is very time-saving. And it can make your life feel calm and peaceful. Even though it is filled with all kinds of tasks and activities, and you are in the middle of the busy society.

For example, sit down every week with this checklist . A little preparation often pays off. You will notice that you get peace and freedom in return.

5. Live more positively

Focus on the things that are going well in your life. Be less difficult, less spasmodic. Let yourself go through life more often. Let things come to you every now and then. Life is an interesting experience. And if you just hang in the flow every now and then, fun things happen.

That is, live with fewer expectations and with more appreciation. Enjoy the beautiful things, the little things. Like that moment for yourself in the sun with a cup of coffee. Or that sweet card from a friend. Enjoy your partner, your pet, your children, your friends and relatives.

Always do your best to make your life more about things that make you happy and positive. Let negativity slide off you. That might mean watching less news , throwing your television out the door, and reading more about inspiring topics.

Applying these tips will make you calmer, happier and more focused on the things that really make you happy. That helps you get that magical holiday feeling, without emigrating!