How To Get Bigger Eyelashes Without False Lashes

Sometimes I don’t have time to put false eyelashes on, or I want my own lashes to look big and thick on their own. Here are 12 tips to get your natural lashes looking false! Everyone will be jealous and want to know your secrets!

Reduce clumps:

Try wiggling your mascara brush in small left-right motions as you apply your mascara. It will reduce clumps, separates your lashes and gives you an even application on each lash.


This can make your eyes can make your lashes look fuller and thicker. Use a brush likeScreen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.54.30 PM this with gel liner. Coat your brush with the gel liner, and push the liner onto the base of your upper lash line. It gives your eyes a very subtle lined look, while making your lashes look fuller and thicker.

Lower lashes plump:

Buy a cheap black eyeliner with a felt tip. Cut off the top for a blunt edge. Use the eyeliner to dot along your lower lash line in between your lashes instead of liner or mascara. If will look as though your lower lashes are full and thick by filling in the roots. Start with three tiny dots at the outer corner. For even more dramatic look, do all along the lower lash.

Use two different mascaras:

One lengthening and one waterproof. Underneath use regular and on top use waterproof. That way waterproof will easily come off and it makes a huge difference in volume! Also I find that the waterproof seals in the regular mascara, preventing smudging.


Never pump your mascara with your brush. It will only push air into your tube and dry it out sooner.

Heat up your eyelash curler:

Use your hairdryer to slightly heat up your eyelash curler, or hold under hot water for a few seconds. I wipe my curler off with a towel before use. Hold your curler against your inner wrist to make sure it is not too hot! You don’t want to burn yourself, or singe your lashes off. (it has been known to happen!)

Warm up your mascara:

If heating your curler is too dramatic for you, just try warming the tube. Place the mascara tube in your bra to warm it up, or roll it in between your palms for a minute or so. It will give you a much smoother application.

Better curling:

When curling your eyelashes, hold the curler horizontal to the floor rather than perpendicular. Lifting the base of the eyelash curler perpendicular to your face – It will feel like you’re pressing the end of the lash curler into your eyelid. This extra move heightens curl and aids longer-lasting wear.


Change your pads on your eyelash curler: Eyelash curler pads help you get the best curl. It is important to make sure they are changed every 3 – 6 months.

Baby powder:

Apply your regular mascara. While it is still wet, dust the tips of your lashes with baby powder with a Q-tip rolled in the powder. Apply second coat of mascara. Instant false lashes!

Fanned lashes:

Use a clean mascara brush or the plastic comb part of an eyebrow brush to un-clump your eyelashes. It gives a nice, fanned out look.


Before you go to bed, put Vaseline on your eyelashes. It’ll help them grow and make them look great!