How to avoid Ponzi Schemes

The unscrupulous masterminds of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes lose investors hundreds of thousands, by promising too good to be true returns on investments. You can spot a Ponzi scheme by looking at the returns earned and the investment growth promised. If the scheme offers you a yearly return of 20% above the repo rate, you …

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine, what’s up with that?


Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is a category of medicine that includes a variety of treatment approaches that fall outside the realm of conventional medicine. An increasing amount of research is being done to establish the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine. But compared with traditional “Western” therapies such as drugs, research on alternative …

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How to identify fake drugs


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can’t afford to go soft on this issue. On the occasion of National Consciousness Week Against Counterfeit Medicines, the FDA has warned consumers that the huge demand for erectile dysfunction drugs has spawned a lot of counterfeit versions in the market. Speaking at a press conference at the Philippine …

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5 Tips to Avoid Internet Scams


There is no shortage of Internet scams out there. How do we protect ourselves from being duped? This article will provide 5 tips to avoid being a victim of an Internet scam. 5 Tips to Avoid Internet Scams Have you ever received an email from a Persian prince offering you the opportunity to earn millions …

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The biggest Scam in Bangkok


First day in Bangkok…sweltering heat, smell of street food and an unbelievable amount of westerners all gathered on a few small streets in the heard of Bangkok’s backpacking district on Khao San Rd. This area really makes this city feel so exhilarating and full of adventures! And it is…. Today is Budda day! After a few hours …

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